New Orleans Saints @ Los Angeles Rams: ‘Bad blood’ in new NFC rivalry

One of the NFL rivalries Will Be in the spotlight on Sunday If the Los Angeles Rams host the New Orleans Saints, exclusively live on Sky Sports Action and Main Event.

This is exactly what to expect…
With this week’s Inside The Huddle podcast, NFL Network reporter Steve Wyche shared the Saints defensive end Cameron Jordan said :”All smoke we have for our competitions Atlanta – that is going to the Rams.”
Among the NFL rivalries stems out of two thrilling experiences last year – and most of the conversation around them. Saints head coach Sean Payton singled out after New Orleans came in the season.
Those comments did not sit well with Peters, who said after the game:”Inform Sean Payton keep talking that so ***, we are going to see him soon. You believe me?
“I enjoyed what he was saying on the sidelines too. So I’ll tell [him]’Keep talking that s*** and I hope you visit me soon. You feel me’
“And then we’re likely to have a nice little bowl of gumbo together.”
Regardless of the two playing down it from the build-up into an NFC rematch at New Orleans, the Rams winning in controversial style – a blown no-call on a pass interference preventing the Saints from getting a late down which could have won them the game – Wyche has stated that the”bad blood” is most definitely still there.
Can Blackmon pointed out :”The [Saints] took the conquer way too personal, however. Even the state resisted!” Indeed, there had been a suit filed against the NFL over the no-call, but has been then dismissed before this period.
Last Monday night, the Saints (1-0) opened their season with a 30-28 thriller – and – ancient game of the year candidate – since they toppled the Texans using a last-second Wil Lutz area goal.
Drew Brees orchestrated a six-play, 35-yard drive that was surgical with 37 seconds left to receive his team into field goal range in vintage fashion.
Los Angeles (1-0) travelled to Carolina and held off the Panthers 30-27. Todd Gurley managed 101 yards on 15 bits and had a fourth quarter.
Jared Goff did not have his finest day (23/39, 186 yards, one touchdown, 1 choice ) but he pitched a fourth-quarter score and the defense stepped up when it mattered most.
It is a joy to watch these head coach-quarterback duos in action, and about the two situations, Vince Young and Blackmon expressed their thoughts on ITH.
Young stated:”I watch Drew Brees winning MVP this season. I still find the guy out there slinging that ball leading his team out to battle each year and round, still in good shape, communication.
“You notice that at a lot of quarterbacks but there is something quite unique about Brees to me personally and I have a whole lot of respect for him.
“I am just happy to see he’s still going as him and Sean Payton’s chemistry is still now doing well – becoming touchdowns and getting the guys a lot of wins.”
Meanwhile, Blackmon recognized the Rams’ attack, stating:”I believe Jared Goff and Sean McVay’s relationship is phenomenal. It’s possible to see the growth from if McVay took the work there. The team became better.
“I had the joy of enjoying in Washington when McVay was the offensive coordinator and he had the identical relationship with Kirk Cousins.
“We’re watching McVay on the play-call – and he’s about the headset speaking to Kirk all the way down before the final second with what is happening and what to perform.
“Finally it took a while for Kirk to accept ownership – since the one criticism for him was: once the play broke down, everything to do today?
“Kirk finally started making that modification on his own, and also the exact same thing with Goff eventually starting doing this on his own also.”
We could expect this one to be? Rams linebacker Cory Littleton’needed a daytime’ last weekend, racking up two passes defended 14 tackles, a fumble, plus also a fourth-quarter interception. Can he do it against New Orleans?
In the NFC Championship game, Gurley had four rushing attempts for 10 yards. His ability to tear through guards – and keep Brees could be key. On the other side, Michael Thomas and Alvin Kamara can’t be allowed to run riot.

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